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Terms and Conditions

50% Deposit
50% Upon receipt of Site Survey
All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery (incl. Site Survey Charge)

Approximate delivery date for your order if placed today (16/09/2009) – approximately between 18th of November and 16th of December.

Site Survey: Should a customer choose to use a Franchisee Fitter recommended by Divine Ireland to measure up and carry out their installation a Site Survey charge will be added to the customers order with Divine Ireland. The rates are as follows:

€50 per door when ordering Door(s), Frame(s), Architrave(s) & Furniture(s) together
€50 per door when ordering Door(s), Frame(s) & Architrave(s) together.
€26.66 per door when ordering Door(s) & Door Furniture(s) only.
€26.66 per door when ordering Door(s) only.

This Site Survey charge will be deducted from the total Installation fee payable to the Franchisee Fitter by the Franchisee Fitter upon completion of his installation. This offer is only available with Franchisee Fitters recommended by Divine Ireland.

You order one full door set (one door, frame, architrave and door furniture) from Divine Ireland.
You pay Divine Ireland €50 to come to your home to measure up for your new door i.e. to carry out a Site Survey.

The installation fee charged by your Franchisee Fitter is €175 to install this door set.
You will only pay the Fitter €125 i.e. €175 less the Survey charge of €50, upon completion of Installation.

The Site Survey charge is non-refundable where a Customer chooses not to use the Fitter who carried out the Survey to actually install their order.

The Site Survey charge is a charge for carrying out a survey only. The Site Survey charge is not an installation related charge. Divine Ireland is “Supply only” company. Divine Ireland is not involved in installations and as such accepts no liability for problems relating to installation.

The Client and the Franchisee Fitter are both responsible for liaising together to agree a date and time at which the survey is to be carried out. Divine Ireland is not responsible for organising the dates.

Divine Ireland is “Supply only” company.

Payment related terms and conditions:
In order for Divine Ireland to guarantee production slots for our customers with our Suppliers, all Divine customer orders must be paid in full once the site survey has been completed and the exact final value of the customers’ sales order has been established.
All sales orders must be paid in full prior to delivery.

If an order is paid by cheque or bankers draft this order cannot be delivered and/or collected for five working days after receipt of the cheque/draft until this cheque or draft has been cleared.

All delivery dates are approximations. All quoted delivery dates are not guaranteed delivery dates.

The term “Delivery date” refers to the “Goods in Divine Warehouse” date not the delivery date to the requested delivery address.
Once your order has been delivered to the Divine Ireland warehouse, please allow two working days for unloading and order checking before your order will be available for despatch.

Your order date is the date whereupon an order is paid in full following completion/receipt of survey and processing of order.

Please note that our Supplier of internal doors closes for the entire month of August every year. This can result in an approximate addition of four weeks to all orders placed in July and August.

Please note that Divine Ireland cannot guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for orders placed in October, November or December.

All quoted delivery dates are not guaranteed delivery dates. Divine Ireland cannot be held liable for costs incurred to clients due to deliveries falling outside the approximated delivery time. Customers’ orders cannot be cancelled if deliveries fall outside the approximated delivery time.

The order start date is the date from which the order is paid in full following Divine Ireland receiving the survey.

The order start date is NOT THE DATE AT WHICH A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID or the date a quotation has been given.

Our typical approximated delivery of between eight to twelve weeks.

Delivery of Orders with Off Standard Glass for Off Standard Doors
If you have ordered an off-standard sized door which takes glass, there will be an additional one and half week delivery period at least to the normal delivery period. The reason is that we do not know the glass size until the door arrives in our warehouse whereupon we order the off-standard glass. The toughening of the glass alone takes one week.

“Final order total” related terms and conditions:
The customers should expect their final order total, which becomes available after a site survey has been carried out and the order processed, to be higher than the quotation value given prior to the site survey for some of the following reasons:

You may need different frame sizes from those stated in your quotation. If at the time of placing your order you do not know the frame sizes you need your Divine Sales Representative will quote you for the most standard sized frame which is a 90mm frame (see prices below). If following the site survey you need bigger frames, this will increase the final total of your order. The following are the prices for the different frame sizes:

  Oak Oak Walnut Walnut
  Single Double Single Double
90mm frame € 99 € 118.80 € 119.99 € 143.99
110mm frame € 119.99 € 143.99 € 160.01 € 192.01
130mm frame € 139.99 € 167.99 € 180.01 € 216.01
155mm frame € 159.99 € 191.99 € 229.99 € 275.98

For sizes larger than 155mm and for different species, please request a price for your Divine Sales Representative when you know the size you need.
Please also note that the above prices provide an indication only and are subject to change at any time. The above prices are not live prices.

You may need an off-standard sized door(s). Off-standard sized door prices are
never sold at special offer prices. Off-standard sized doors are charged at the normal rate plus an extra €75 if off-standard in width, an extra €75 if off-standard in height or an extra €150 if off-standard in width and height.

Refund related terms and conditions:
  • Divine Ireland does not issue refunds under any circumstances. Any refunds which may be allowed are done so at the sole discretion of Divine Management and may be in the form of a credit note.
  • The receipt of a deposit from a customer sets in train a sequence of events with our Supplier(s) which does not allow Divine Ireland to cancel our Customer orders with our Suppliers.

Order cancelation related terms and conditions:
  • Divine Ireland does not accept order cancellations under any circumstances. When a Customer places an order with Divine Ireland and places a deposit, this sets in motion a sequence of events with our Supplier(s) which does not allow Divine Ireland to cancel our Customer orders with our Suppliers.

Defect product related terms and conditions
  • If following delivery of an order it is discovered that a minority of the components of order are defective in some way, the client cannot cancel this order as all orders are special orders i.e. Divine Ireland does not carry stock and this product(s) has been specially ordered in for this client. The client must accept to wait for a replacement(s) based on the same approximate delivery period of approximately eight to twelve weeks
  • If following delivery of a product the product is discovered to be defect in some way, this product will be replaced by Divine Doors and will be subject to the normal delivery period of approximately eight to twelve weeks from the new survey date. Divine Doors cannot be held liable if the normal eight to twelve delivery period becomes extended for a period longer than six to twelve weeks for any reason.
  • If following delivery of a product the product is discovered to be defective in some way and the client accepts to wait for a replacement based on the same approximate delivery period of approximately eight to twelve weeks, the client insists upon cancelling this replacement product, no refund will be provided to the client

Incorrect contact details:
  • Should it transpire that Divine Ireland has incorrect contact details of a customer for example address, telephone & mobile numbers, Divine Ireland is not liable for whatever problematic issues may arise as a direct result of holding incorrect customer contact details. Every sales order will result in some form of contact from Divine Ireland to the customer. If the customer receives no contact whatsoever from Divine Ireland the customer is responsible for contacting Divine to enquire and ensure that Divine has the customers correct contact details.

General points
  • Divine Ireland cannot guarantee against natural variations in colour as timber is a product of nature.
  • Divine Ireland produces all glass for our doors. All glass is toughened safety glass. The glass is supplied separately wrapped to the doors. Once the door has been hung the Fitter will then install the glass.
  • All glass produced by Divine Ireland is produced by hand. Minor imperfections must be allowed for by the client.
  • In relation to bespoke glass design required by customers of Divine Ireland, unless the client provides correctly scaled drawings of a specific glass design, Divine Ireland will use it’s discretion in the manufacture of this bespoke glass design. If the client is not happy with the first attempt, Divine Ireland is not obliged to discard the first production attempt and replace it with a second attempt. If Divine Ireland chooses to carry out a second attempt, this second production attempt must then be accepted by the client (assuming the glass fits the required location). A third attempt will only be carried out by Divine if the client is willing to pay for the third attempt. If the client chooses not to accept either the first or second production attempts the client must still pay the full amount for one of the two attempts i.e. the amount agreed in the original order.

10 Year Guarantee

Internal doors:
All internal doors, frames & architraves and glass come with a 10 year guarantee when the same goods are installed by Divine Ireland Franchisee Fitterg Team. This guarantee relates to the structural integrity of the door, frame and architrave and glass. Simply put, should your door or frame or architrave become structurally unsound within 10 years the defect item will be replaced. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this guarantee.
Door furniture for all orders is covered by a one year guarantee.
Glass breakages are not covered with a guarantee.
Internal doors, frames & architraves and glass not installed by the Divine Ireland Franchisee Fitting Team are covered by a standard 1 year guarantee together with the door furniture.

The terms and conditions relating to this order are available on our website and should be read in conjunction with all orders placed with Divine. Once a deposit has been placed by a Customer with Divine Ireland, Divine Ireland assume that the Customer has read these terms and conditions and agrees with the same, regardless of whether or not the Customer has provided their signature to any physical documents.
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  1. Maintenance free finishing - no more painting. A superior finish which needs to be seen to be believed
  2. Our doors are engineered to never warp, twist of bend.
  3. Damaged glass is easily replaced due to our glazing methods.
  4. Five standard door sizes are available. Off standard sizes are also available on special request.
  5. Large variety of timber and colour finishes to choose from.
  6. Ten year structural guarantee on all doors.
  7. Our adjustable frame and architrave system will fit all wall widths.
  8. Over 200 handles and knobs to choose from.
  9. Safety toughened glass is used in all of our glazing units.
  10. Large selection of glass types and designs to choose from
  11. All door models are available forever. We never discontinue a model, so buy your doors for downstairs this year and come back next year to get the same doors for upstairs.
  12. Large selection of door designs and models to choose from.