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For The Record!

Because Aluminium is a very highly durable material, should you choose to install Divine Windows & Doors High Quality Aluminium or Aluminium Clad Windows and/or Doors in your home or building, you can forget needing to change these windows and/or doors for about 45 years or so.

Aluminium doesn't degrade in the same way as does PVCu. Aluminium just doesn't rust (unlike some other metals).

Our Models

Door Construction

Door Construction

  • Standard dimensions: 
    1105×2100 for 77mm system
    1120×2100 for 90mm system
  • Installation depth 77 or 90 mm
  • Inside opening

The door is constructed  using a 72 mm polyurethane foam covered by 3 mm interior and 3 mm exterior aluminium.

The 77 mm Thick Door

The 77mm thick door is constructed  using a 72 mm polyurethane foam covered by 3 mm interior and 3 mm exterior tin.

The 90 mm Thick Door

The 90 mm thick door is constructed  using a 85 mm polyurethane foam covered by 3 mm interior and 2 mm exterior tin.

Frame & Threshold Construction



Frame & Threshold Construction

Above you can see the frame and threshold profiles. The profile on the left is for a 90 mm thick door and the profile on the right is for a 77 mm thick door.

Our Aluminium frame profiles are also made from high quality Aluminium Alloy. No rust and lot’s of strentgh which is need, especially for the threshold of the door frame.

Aluminium Colours and Wood-like Veneers

Your New Windows and/or Doors by Walkinstown Windows can come in almost any RAL Colour, they can come in Uber-Natural Woodlike Veneers and also a selection of “Structural” Colours if you wish to match your doors to the structure of your exterior/interior wall.

RAL Colours

Woodlike Venners

Structural Colours

Undoubtedly you will have many questions to ask regarding the possibilites and options relating to our elegant and highly engineered Bi-Folding Doors.

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