Aluminium Windows

Durable, Smooth & Energy Efficient.

For The Record!

Because Aluminium is a very highly durable material, should you choose to install Divine Windows & Doors High Quality Aluminium or Aluminium Clad Windows and/or Doors in your home or building, you can forget needing to change these windows and/or doors for about 45 years or so.

Aluminium doesn't degrade in the same way as does PVCu. Aluminium just doesn't rust (unlike some other metals).

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Choose from all RAL Colours

Choose from a Multitude of Wood Veneer Finishes

Strength & Energy Efficiency

Choose from 1 to 4 chamber A-Rated profiles.

Strength of Aluminium structure allows for larger individual opening sash window size. More glass more heat.

Domestic and Commercial Use

Take advantage of commercial thermal technology for your domestic requirements.

Hi level of acoustic insulation.

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