“Lift & Slide” Sliding Doors

Wide-Format Lift & Sliders – A Cut Above The Rest.

Very Easy Operation – Not At All Heavy To Lift Or Slide

Lift and slide door systems can generally be constructed quite large. UNILUX lift and slide door panels are available up to 10’ wide and 9’ tall. Single panel sizes.

UNILUX does not believe big sizes should come at the expense of high performance, either, thus all doors are offered with tri pane glazing.

The lift and slide door system is of European origin. It is a prime example of the soundness of European design and robustness commonly found in UNILUX construction. Offered in both wood and wood/clad, in all colors and wood finishes, lift and slide doors are the quintessential large format sliding door system.

Open yourself up to new panoramas with UNILUX lift and slide HS

Normal Width Lift & Sliders

A Pleasure To Operate

Fully Closed & Air-Tight

Open Position 1

Open Position 2

Fully Open Position

The Solid Wood We Use




Scandanavian Pine

The Wood Stains You Can Choose

Choose from 187 colors for the interior finish of the wood. 20 transparant or semi-transparant stain finishes and the 167 RAL color finishes.

The Exterior Aluminium Colors You Can Choose

Choose from 2132 colors for the exterior aluminium shell. The choice is based on a selection of RAL colors, NCS colors, DB colors and then a selcetion of white pigment and timber veneers.

RAL Colour Selection

NCS Colour Selection

DB Colours, White Pigment & Wood Veneers

The Patterened Glass We Use

Chinchilla Glass

Tulip Glass

Ornament Glass

Satin Glass with a Green Tint

Satin Glass with a Blue Tint

White Marble Glass

Pave White Glass

Uadi White Glass

Ornament White Glass

Master Carre Glass

Satin White Sandstrahl Glass

Satin Glass with a White Tint

Master Carre Glass

Satin White Sandstrahl Glass

Satin Glass with a White Tint

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