The Ultimate Design Line 7

Design Line 7, Modern Line 7 & Living Line 7

Energy savings at the highest level. Thermal value improves by 46% compared to standard windows. This is made possible by a special impermeable core, gas-filled triple-pane glass, “warm-edge” spacers, double-sided (invisible) Low-e-coating and a total glass thickness of 17/8”/48 mm

Upgrade From Standard Living Line 8 to Living Line 7 and SAVE 46% MORE ENERGY compared to a standard window.

The Solid Wood We Use




Scandanavian Pine

The Wood Stains You Can Choose

Choose from 187 colors for the interior finish of the wood. 20 transparant or semi-transparant stain finishes and the 167 RAL color finishes.

The Exterior Aluminium Colors You Can Choose

Choose from 2132 colors for the exterior aluminium shell. The choice is based on a selection of RAL colors, NCS colors, DB colors and then a selcetion of white pigment and timber veneers.

RAL Colour Selection

NCS Colour Selection

DB Colours, White Pigment & Wood Veneers

The Patterened Glass We Use

Chinchilla Glass

Tulip Glass

Ornament Glass

Satin Glass with a Green Tint

Satin Glass with a Blue Tint

White Marble Glass

Pave White Glass

Uadi White Glass

Ornament White Glass

Master Carre Glass

Satin White Sandstrahl Glass

Satin Glass with a White Tint

Master Carre Glass

Satin White Sandstrahl Glass

Satin Glass with a White Tint

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