Unilux AluClad Excellence By Divine Ireland

What Are The Benefits of AluClad Windows & Doors?

Aluminium on the outside - Pure Wood on the inside.

Wood creates comfort - it's natural feel good material. Aluminium on the other hand, is a robust protective sheild from the elements.

Together they form an aluminium wood clad product which lasts generations without the need for continuous maintenance.

The wood interior does not require UV protection in the form of colouring pigments in the finish thanks to the aluminium shell. It can be displayed internally in its natural glory with a transparent lacquer or can be stained to your coloring preference and then lacquered.

The aluminium shield firmly encases the wood, protecting it from the elements while still giving room to expand and contract and cope perfectly with temperature fluctuations.


With every UNILUX aluminium clad window you obtain a passive house star no matter which design you choose. The DesignLine, LivingLine or ModernLine series all meet the most stringent passive house windows criteria.

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